Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Parity: 10 things I love!

Yesterday's 10 things I hate meme was a bit of a bring down. Hate is like that. It did bring one thing into sharp focus for me; Id like to keep the tone here as light as possible. So, take a deep cleansing breath, and together we release the past. See the past as a dark cloud floating farther and farther away....aaahhh, thats better!

Today - 10 things I Love!

1) The Most DH. No, you dont need to go and get a bucket now, I will stop right here.

2) My Birds, of course! Hardly a surprise.

3) My two kitty cats, Aurora & Priapus. They are really great buddies, especially on these cold winter nights. But there are other perks as well. When I arrive home, at least one of them will greet me at the door with a purr. Or when Im unwell or feeling blue, they take turns sitting with me till Im better. Oh sure, sometimes they ignore me with a vengance, but they are cats! Thats just part of who they are.

4) The ever-expanding gardens. Im not big on grass, each summer more grassy lawn is turned into garden beds. DH loves having less to mow each year.

5) While most of the garden is given to native flowers and shrubs (to feed the wild birds, of course!) we do keep a small veggie patch. One of my greatest veggie gardening loves is the tomato. And the best way to eat a home grown tomato, is while its still warm from the sun. Try that yourself next summer.

6) The sound of a breeze through leaves.

7) That special orangey-pink colour of light that comes late on a rainy day, when the sun slips below the clouds on the horizon.

8) Coffee!

9) Finding the good in a bad situation. This sometimes requires a twisted sense of humour.

10) The Exclamation Point!
I must really love the exclamation point, as I use it far too much! Bad punctuation habit! Egads!

Why not share something you love in the comments?


Anonymous said...

Awwwwww ... yes I'm about to vomit! Haahaa!! So much better than the meme before-hand though :) Hope you had a great day!!!!!!!!!!

Lavender said...

Ta Anon, And we did have a great day today - hope you did too!
Im thinking of starting an
Anti-meme :)

Jean-Luc Picard said...

This was a very uplidting post, Lavender. They are so good to read.

Lavender said...

Thank you Captian! I hoped an antidote to the negativity would be good for us - Cheers!

Young Werther said...

Coffee...mmmm yes. Love the smell of fresh ground.

Time for me sneak out and get my fix, as Aoide is snugly tucked in bed :)

Ces Adorio said...

I enjoyed reading that and good for you for unabashedly declaring your love for your DH.

I love coffee and I love to laugh.

Lavender said...

Hey YW, good to hear from you...you two are so cute! One day you two will get to have your coffee together!

Hiya Ces! Many Thanks for that! And I love a good laugh myself, good for anything that ail's ya!

Karen said...

does this count as a meme ? because I'd love to be tagged with this one...am chock full of love today :)

One I'll leave here - I love that Werther is thinking of me, even when I'm asleep.

Off to refill my own coffee now - and yes, we will be having it together shortly....

BoiledEggIn aDeckchair said...

I like making the cloud float.. *pfffft*

.. there it goes.

Lavender said...

Aoide - go for it! Lets start it as a meme, I dont think its been done yet - maybe we should try to fill the blogosphere with love?!

Eggo - glad you enjoyed that! Kindly give my regards to the teapot, Cheers!

Humail said...

you have three things common with me, Coffee Birds and Flowers..

I love them....