Friday, July 13, 2007

Kangaroo 4

Had two things I thought Id blog on today. Both gave me spilkas in the gizamazionk.

Today I give you the whole Roo. The rest I will think about tomorrow.

In the words of Scarlett O'Hara: another day!


Ces Adorio said...

They have a very unique form, rather odd but I like that their purse match their coat! HAHAHAHA!

Anonymous said...

I'm going to have to get an Aussie-English dictionary to read your site!

Anonymous said...

Ah yes! A fine example of a tourist's coin purse, or steak for the barbecue!

Lavender said...

You guys are making my face hurt with all the laughing!!

phishez said...

Can I request a baby roo tomorrow?

Ces Adorio said...

You think they keep a mobile phone in that pouch of theirs, or even a pair of sunglasses.

What?! Do people eat the kangaroos? They are almost erect like humans. This one looks like my neighbor.

Ces Adorio said...

Do you know that when you focus on the roo's butt, it looks like a teddy bear? Did this one eat a teddy bear?

Lavender said...

Phishez - I dont think I have any pictures of baby ones - BUMMER!

Ces - teddy bear? LOL Im sure Anon knows what they keep in those various pouches....but yeah, some people eat Roo...I tried it once, didnt care for it - but I understand its being exported worldwide(?) to the gourmet restaurants - or so some would have us believe.
Truth is stranger than fiction sometimes, eh?

SavingDiva said...

Love the picture!!!!!!!!!! I agree with phishez_rule. We should have a baby roo!

Anonymous said...

Peace n howdy??

I hope Kangaroo will come to Malaysia someday huhu. Anybody wants to bring them here??

I love kangaroos

Best regards

Jim said...

Lavender, I have two Aussie slang dictionaries, neither has spilkas in the gizamazionk.
Reading between the lines, I figure those two things you could blog about gave you a splitting headache, so bad you put them off till another day.
Sort of like my annual performance evaluation of Mrs. Jim.
Thanks for the frontal of your roo, when you get a back, I'll sneak a peek.

I put caption answers to my WW pictures, they were all taken in Italy. At,
as were the ones on my 'real blog.'
Thanks for visiting my other Aussie friends.

Lavender said...

Forumer - Howdy and G'day! Thanks for coming to my cyber zoo :)
all the way from Malaysia! Kangaroos are great!

Lavender said...

Saving Diva - well now, with two requests for baby roos' - I guess id better get out there and find some! Thanks for stopping by!

Lavender said...

Jim - youre so right! spilkas in the gizamazionk is not Aussie slang... LOL Its sort of nonsense Yiddish, and in this case, I did indeed mean a splitting headache! Well deduced!

Italy - oh dear, I was thousands of miles off with my guess LOL Great photos tho, I will see you over on your blog again - thanks for stopping by, Cheers!

Unikversiti said...

Yupp, Kangaroo is great and one of a main symbol of Australia right??

So do it your self the beads, wow!!! How u do that? using what machine?

Have a nice days ahead .......


Lavender said...

Hi Forumer, yes the Roo is one of our national I make the beads, well, thats really too long a story for here! LOL In a nutshell, glass rods are heated in a flame and the molten glass is wound around a mandrel and manipulated into whatever shape you like. Its very cool to do! Thanks for stopping by, see you again soon!