Saturday, September 29, 2007

Nest Watch, day 6

The Little Wattle birds first egg has arrived. Its a pretty brown egg with rust coloured spots. Now we wait to see how many she will lay before she begins to sit on them full time.

Tommorrow we will break from Nest Watch '07 for Budgie Sunday, and return to the Little Wattle Birds nest on monday. Have a great weekend!


Lavender said...

TaDa! I called it alright - but it wasnt really a tough call was it? Oh well, My curiousity is satisfied on what thier eggs look like, will try to get a close up shot to share - heres hoping for another egg in Mondays 'episode'

Ces Adorio said...

Oh there it is. How big is it Lavender and will there be predators or thieves who will take the egg(s) away?

BetteJo said...

Well holy crap! I know doggone well that if I were watching a nest, the bird would never lay a single egg much less allow me to get a picture of it! Good job!!!

Can't wait for the next installment!

Lavender said...

Ces The egg is just short of an inch in length, (and I hope to get some good shots of it, the colouring is very pretty)
As for predators - they are abundant as usual. Since this nest is less than five feet from the ground theres alot to worry about - neighbors cats, other birds, and even the odd rat here and there - so Im keeping fingers crossed and both eyes open!

BetteJo Aw you never know BetteJo! You might get lucky that way one day! But if this pair had built thier nest higher, Id still be wondering what was going on in, how do I get my laundry out on the line today without spooking her? Im off to sneak my way around out there.... :)

Anonymous said...

The egg is beautiful and PERFECT Lavender!!!!

*shhhhh shouldn't be here but couldn't miss your today's post :)*

Jean-Luc Picard said...

Looks just right. A daily nature visit is fun!

Anonymous said...

and now ... waiting!

Lavender said...

Anon Had to have a sneak peek? Hahaha! Hope you have a more leisurely sunday :) Such a pretty egg!

Captain Keeps the doctor away Captain LOL!

Bart Yes, there will be a bit of that, eh? Nice to meet you Bart, thanks for stopping by!