Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Schmooze & 8 Random things!

BetteJo of A Bead a Day has kindly awarded me The Power of Schmooze Award...Thanks BetteJo, Im tickled pink! (Many apologies for not having shared the news sooner!)

Today I was tagged for the 8 Random Facts Meme by Patty of News from the Left Coast! Thanks for choosing me Patty!

So now, in the spirit of Randomness - I give you 8 Random Things About Me as fast as I can - so that they are as Random as I can get them.

1) Im a big chicken when it comes to tagging people for memes.

2) I have blond hair and blue eyes, but wear black mascara. I hate the way I look without my mascara. (I even wear it to bed!)

3) I once had my hair cut very short and dyed it black. For a week or so everywhere I went people said to me "Oh, I see youve decided to go back to your natural colour!" and Id scowl at them. When I saw these same people several weeks later, my blond 'roots' were showing...and I just smiled at them - vindicated!

4) I say "Meow" alot. This used to drive The Most DH crazy. He would ask me a question, Id say "Meow", he would say "But, what do you mean by that?". After many years together, he has figured it out. (It means many different things, much like when a cat says it!)

5) Im Loveable!

6) Im energetic, always doing two or more things at once. If I sit still, I fall asleep - whats up with that?

7) If I could have one piece of technology implanted in my body - it would be a camera. Seems Im always missing great shots while I go to get the camera or wait for it to turn on or 'process' the last shot....having one "on board" would be terribly handy!

8) CYCLING!! Im so loving the new bike and am doing 10K (a bit over 6 miles) a day 5 days a week. Next goal is to do 10K a day 7 days a week - after that - MORE!!!!

Have a great night everyone - tommorrow we go back to the Nest for an update - Cheers!


Maria said...

Hi Lavender! I read your random things... Wow, you do great with cycling! I wish I had the time for cycling as well. I can't believe I went cycling only one time this year.That's awful...


Unknown said...

I like the mascara thing...I always have to have lipstick on or I feel washed out...even wear it to bed!

Jean-Luc Picard said...

Imaginative random things; I like the camera.

Barkfoot said...

6 miles a day, that's good going. Do you do mainly road or rough, or a bit of both?
I'm with you on the camera. Mine goes with me everywhere. It's always a compromise though, it has to be in a case otherwise I'd have broken it long ago, but then when you need it you find yourself struggling to unzip it in a mad panic to get 'that' shot. An eye implant, with a zoom, night vision and instant recording. The police here have headcams that record everything that they see, maybe I should get one of those!

Lavender said...

Maria Hehehe Im making the time whereever I can, need to figure out how to get more time! :) Well Maria, once is better than not at all, right? Maybe you can squeeze a few rides in before snows hit? Fingers crossed!

Pawhealer So its not just me - other women do this sort of thing too - thats a relief! Thanks Pawhealer! :)

Captain I know the Borg could fit me out with one....but its the side effects of Borg 'treatment' that keep me from going there ROFL!

Barkfoot Bit of both Mate! I know what you mean about a case - I havent even thought about bringing the camera out with me yet (and the day I was attacked by a duck it would have been VERY GOOD TO HAVE, sigh)
Youve described perfectly the implant camera I daydream about! All those features - and a macro! (Im not hard to please at all!) I wonder what the cop shop gizmo goes for....if I set my mind to it, I could probally build something, eh? :)

Anonymous said...

What about eyelash tinting? You could ask for a year's worth every Christmas! You fall asleep if you sit still because exhausted ... I'm the same! I'll be next with having a camera implanted in one eye, where if you wink, it takes a photograph!! HAHA

BetteJo said...

Oh I never have a camera when I need one! Ugh!
What's up with women wearing makeup to bed? I get all weird about it - even if I'm realllllly tired - I can barely force myself to wear any makeup to bed.
And about the biking - WOW!!!

kj said...

i sure liked reading this about you, maam....


Lavender said...

Anon Tinting! Exhaustion! Why didnt I think of those! Egads, talk about cant see the forest for the trees (or mascara? tehehe!) Youre not just a pretty face, are you?

BetteJo Tehehe - well, its the only makeup I wear, so its not so bad. But if I used foundation or such - then I probally couldnt stand to have that on all night...and the biking! Oh its such a good escape BetteJo...and apparently habit forming! :)

KJ Thanks KJ! I find it daunting to write about myself in this medium - but doing it fast and wiithout putting much thought into it I was surprised to find I could come up with eight things! Im glad you enjoyed it, Thank you!

HARDWAX said...

This was fun, amd does your husband ever meow back?

Lavender said...

Thanks Harwax, and yes, he does! And I always know what he means too (He is a good sport.) :)

Patty said...

Great random facts! What an interesting thing to ponder, the "If I could have one piece of technology implanted in my body" concept. Of course, I would implant a TiVo in my body, as I am completely and hopelessly addicted to it, and find myself not paying attention sometimes in real life, and then reaching for the "replay" button, which I can never seem to find. ;-)

Way to go on the bike! I used to do that - have you ever heard of RAGBRAI? It's a cross-state bike ride each summer in Iowa. Sigh...fond memories.

Congrats on your Schmoozer Award!

Lavender said...

Hiya Patty! This one was fun, thanks for tagging me for it..a Tivo could be a great implant...especially if you could have an optional external screen, so you could share movies and such ROFL!
I havent heard of that race, but Id love to do a serious distance race - perhaps next year - we are still going strong with getting out there, Im so loving it!
See you over at your blog, Cheers!