Tuesday, September 4, 2007

"Think: Now" up on TopBlogMag

My Inaugural TopBlogMag piece "Think: Now." has been published today at TopBlogMag.

Why not make a cuppa, get comfy, and check out this weeks writers on the theme "On my mind".

Hope you enjoy, have a great day!


Lavender said...

In "Think Now" I talk about my experience of homesickness since migrating to Australia. I think its probally a natural reaction, when one misses thier country of origin, to find oneself constantly comparing the old home to the new...but this just causes you to be unhappy.
By being aware of my thinking, Ive been able to (largely) arrest this process, and as a result, Ive been a much happier "New Australian"!

BetteJo said...

Very nice piece, I read it earlier today. I'm sure I would have done absolutely the same thing - I'm not good at change and I would always long for 'home'. Good for you to get past it!

Lavender said...

Thank you BetteJo, it certinally was a big change. Now, if I could stop looking at magazines like "House Beautiful" - I might find Nirvana - LOL!

kj said...

lavender, i related deeply to this piece of yours. homesickness is like a broken heart: i never thought of it that way before you said it. it happens not just because of place: being away from someone/people you love creates, at least for me, the same lonely hole in my stomach.

i hope you and your great guy get to visit the northeast from time to time. (it's where i live). and i am so glad you have found the beauty in your new homeland. true love is worth it. i'm sure of that!


Ces Adorio said...

Hey, that is a well written piece and I don't blame you at all for missing the northeast. it's a lovely region but then again there are many lovely places here but I think you chose the best reason to move - love!

Lavender said...

KJ Oh Thank you, yes, the hole in the stomach - the empty feeling...yes, you know what I mean! He is a great guy, and we were meant to be together - no doubt about that, I think I thought that that would be enough to keep the other less nice feelings away - nasty surprise! But I do look forward to visiting 'old home' one day, and showing him some of its wonders! (How ironic is it that you are in that region?!?! Small world in that respect!)

Ces Thank you too Ces! Love was the only thing Id have left for - certinally money wouldnt have done it! Perhaps it was an accident of fate that placed the two of us so far apart, and perhaps there is a reason that is yet to reveal itself...only time will tell! :)

Karen said...

Lavender - oh my god.

That's about all I can say...you realize I live in Boston (well just outside) of course. And I've spent a good amount of time at my family place on the coast of Maine the past few weeks. And the weather's been "wicked awesome" - currently 71 degrees, a gorgeous late summer day, green green trees and grass, blue blue sky...I so easily could be writing the same thing myself...it's so very hard, heartbreaking to even think about.

And yet...some things are so, so worth it.

Lavender said...

Aoide, the timing of this piece could certinally be better! YW just mentioned that the big day is coming!
Yes, a true love is very worth it - and possibly more! I assume youre coming down here? If this experience hits you, just remember you wont be the first - or the last - and email me if the going gets tough, someone to talk with who has been there could make a big difference!
Hang in there, the waiting is SO HARD! :)

Karen said...

no, actually, he's coming here. This time :) Hmm, what do you think an Aussie would like to see in Boston ? (Assuming I let him out, of course...)

Lavender said...

Well, he is going to be beat when he first arrives - so the first thing (after you!) that Id bet he will want is a nice hot shower and a rest! It is a lllloooonnnnngggg flight!
Its been awhile since I was at Boston, so Im not the best tour organizer - BUT - is the aquarium still running? Do they still have that mammoth round tank you walk up around in a spiral - thatd be pretty cool. Sydney has a pretty kick-butt aquarium but Boston also good (I think its close to 25 years since I was there last tho).
Then perhaps a walk around downtown/the waterfront areas....Sydney has some great old buildings but not in the profusion that the US has - so he might dig the architecture!
For sure get him out into the Taconics and/or the Berkshires, if you can stretch to it - The Adirondacks - there is NOTHING like any of them here, and in fact, what they call mountains here look like foothills to me LOL!
Oh! Has leaf peeping season begun - that'd blow any Aussie away Im sure!
Last recomendation, any game parks your way? Somewhere where you can show him the deer and - fingers crossed - Moose! Who wouldnt be impressed!
Im so excited for you two!!!!

Lavender said...
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Lavender said...

Aoide - Cape Cod? As a beach it might be dissappointing to an Aussie tho...
Plymouth Rock? Independence from Britian - nah, you dont wanna tease the poor boy!
(If you see the monument to the Mayflower with the names of the passengers, William Bradford (captain, and later Governor of Mass.) is my first American ancestor - I know, everyone claims they came over on it - but I have proof!) LOL

Karen said...

Mayflower, huh ? that's so cool :)

I was thinking the same thing about the Aquarium and the beach - I'm guessing the Sydney versions of both are much better. The leaves will have just started to turn, would have to drive pretty far north. Hmm, maybe a road trip to the White Mountains - Kangamangus Highway, maybe - leaves will be further along there, plus he'll see real mountains - that's actually not a bad idea.

The problem, of course, is that I'll want to keep him all to myself...but he's never been here so that wouldn't really be fair :)

Lavender said...

Aoide, I dont know New Hampshire but the whole region of the Northeast US is so wonderful - I bet its just as gorgeous!
Hey, you can still have him to yourself plenty - just say no to anybody who wants to tag along for the ride! LOL!

kj said...

as a boston native, it is so weird (and enjoyable) to be reading about things to see on your blog from australia, lavender!

i live in western mass now and love it. i hope aoide and company do not miss the changing of the leaves in the coming few weeks. nothing more beautiful, really.


Anonymous said...

Weeds don't sprout in the garden all year round anywhere else?