Friday, September 14, 2007

Banksia Rose, Blue Sky

Yesterday was a glorious spring day, and I snapped this pic when I visited the aviary. Pity the clouds are back again today.

Behind the blog, life is in one of those crazy busy cycles, but Im still making time to get out on the bike everyday. The escape it offers is essential for my mental health. Physically I think Im overdoing it. But tough nuggies, Im going to keep at it. There are growing urges to light my torch and see if I can resume work making beads, knock on wood.

And thats all the news thats fit to share here, hope you are all well and happy.


Lavender said...

So, as soon as time permits, I will get my lampworking bench re-set for action, and maybe, maybe order some new glass to get the juices flowing again! :)

Anonymous said...

STUNNING shot Lavender! Lets hope the glorious weather returns tomorrow! Your bike riding is like my bird stalking - completely understand and the best medicine! How exciting ... beads are a glint in your mind's eye!

kj said...

the color of the sky is right out of maxfield parrish. beautiful, ms. lavender.


Lavender said...

Anon Yes, fingers crossed for some more of the wonderful weather - and happy escapes for both of us!! Tehehe
It will be good to get back to creating again

KJ I was stoked with the sky in this - I pondered altering it to take the shadow off the blossoms, but didnt want to loose that gorgeous sky!
M. Parrish - wow! :)

BetteJo said...

One of my favorite things is a picture of flowers set against a deep blue sky. Just gorgeous!

I always have a flower shot on my blog, I change it every few days. Can I steal this and add it to my collection? I LOVE it!

Nick Phillips said...

Cool that you're keeping up with the bike riding :) My son has been pestering me to get him a bike, and I just might get one for myself too, been ages since I last cycled :D Happy weekend to you Lavender.

ps. beautiful shot btw

Ces Adorio said...

It does not matter whether they are from weeds, pots, gardens or nurseries, but seeing a flower is pure joy. It reminds me of the beauty of life despite the adversities and hardships. There is always beauty to be found but one has to have a seeing eye.

Jean-Luc Picard said...

Lovely colour in that picture.

Lavender said...

BetteJo For you BetteJo, yes! Thank you for asking, I appreciate that - and that you liked this photo so well.

Nick Thanks Nick! If its been awhile since your last bike ride, I highly recomend a well padded seat for starting out on! LOL!

Ces So True, I think the pace of life in the modern world has people running around so fast they dont have a chance to slow down and quietly observe. If they could theyd find that beauty, and a great whack of wonder on top!

Captain Thanks Captain! Looking forward to the next chapter in your latest story!