Friday, February 19, 2010

Magellan last September

Trolling thru my archives, I found this shot I took last September of my good friend Magellan. Lucky for me, he is still going strong although we lost his sister Verdigris awhile back. There was some strange illness that swept my little flock, it did not respond to any treatment I tried (and I tried them all). I hope I never see that bug again.

Anyhow, still one handed and having a go at doing things despite. Today it was cutting back an out of control vine in the garden. Well, it isnt my best job, but it will do. I think the hardest things about being one handed is not being able to get a bra on by myself, or bathe alone. Also, it is hot, itchy and sweaty in this cast, GET ME OUTTA HERE!!!


PS Sorry I havent been answering folks, but Im sure you understand. Cheers!


BetteJo said...

I'm just glad you're posting!

Barkfoot said...

Can't get your bra on without help, or bathe alone! I'm sure if you put an advert in the local paper, "Help Wanted", the problem would be solved...