Monday, February 8, 2010

Surgery cancelled

Just got the call that my surgery has been cancelled as "too many emergencies came in over the weekend". Now we wait again.

Public Health care...if you need something done fast, you're screwed.


Young Werther said...

That's terrible. Fingers crossed they can fit you in soon. Just hang in there.

Now can I have my whinge about those idiots who drink and then drive, the P-plates who speed and crash and those who take drugs (ecstacy, GBH, Ice), only to stuff the already strained hospital system!

Barkfoot said...


Sandy said...

I think public health would be a huge improvement over what we have here in the states, people who are wealthy have insurance and all others suffer. So many have nothing that public health would most definitely be a step up.

I fall in between, I don't have the good insurance the wealthy do, but do have insurance and therefore pay for all on welfare who don't. Double negative. At least your government takes care of people. Many of my co workers can't even go to the doctor because they can't afford it. It's not a question of waiting to get in, they simply can't go.