Wednesday, February 10, 2010


Tough going with one hand but bored sitting here goes:

As they suspected, the original surgery did 'accidentally' amputate a part of the motor nerve responsible for moving my thumb. What was left of the nerve was trapped in the scar tissue. The specialist freed the nerve, and re-attached it to the muscle as best he could (it being shorter than it should be due to the missing piece).

As the longer a nerve is trapped, the more damage (death) it sustains, prognosis would have been better if it had been treated right away - last August - but public health being what it is, it was December before the specialist could see me. I got the impression from him that, if the referring physician had advised him of the nature of the injury, he could have seen me sooner.

We just wait and see now how the nerve manages, and hope that it is capable of restoring some of the lost function. I am waiting to see how it ends before deciding what action to take. It will be awhile before we know, so I will keep you posted....although at the speed of snail, LOL.

Thank you for your messages, you are great Mates! I plan to get around the blogs very soon and catch up, Meow!


Young Werther said...

Fingers crossed for you, since you can't move yours :)

Get well soon mate!

BetteJo said...

Oh my gosh. Late to the party as usual. Glad you had the surgery - here's hoping you get lots of what - nerve regeneration? Lots of function back!

Sandy said...

First time here. As I blog walking this am made my way. Sorry to hear you're having issues and hope you heal soon. Was the original surgery carpal tunnel surgery?

Best of luck

BumbleVee said...

This is terrible!! What a crappy thing to have happen when you are just supposed to be having something as common and simple as carpal tunnel surgery!

I sure hope the nerve regenerates enough to make your thumb useful once again....

I'm looking at having carpal surgery on my left hand ... after having my right one done years ago. It was easy and perfect...but, there is always the worry...... do I do it or just live with it...that is the question. the moment...there are also two or three other things wrong with my,,, I wait...til I get some of it rectified.....