Friday, July 10, 2009

view with polarizing filter + sunglasses

The same view as yesterday, but for this Ive held my graduated brown tinted sunglasses over the lens with polarizing filter...the glasses enhance the red end of the spectrum very nicely. Cool. Id love a neutral density filter one day, and an infra red one, but oh! while Im doing an imaginary shop - I still covet the Canon Macro Twin Lite MT-24EX Flash, and thats it, Im going to have to put the remote control on the birthday list!

This is post #490, Im almost inspired to make it to 500. Will the apathy get in the way? Stay tuned.

Today it is better to babble senselessly, than to attempt meaninful communication. Iam off for my 4 kilometre walk now - get outside and loose your fetters Folks!


kj said...

absolutely you'll make it to 500. i'd bet my lucky rabbit's foot....

(oh jeez)
(i;m in trouble)

xo said...

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