Thursday, July 30, 2009

Lunch, and a show

After picking up and attaching the new roof cage, we set off for a leisurely tour back toward home. Nothing of any real interest happened untill we arrived in Lake Macquarie, at about lunchtime. We found the main street and set about observing which eateries the locals were visiting; which by the way, is my #1 travel tip. If the locals arent eating/drinking there, then give it a miss.

The winner for lunch was the Parkview Takeaway, the crumbed snapper was divine! (Here follows the obligatory meal shot, a first for this blog.)

We scouted about for a place near the lake where we could set down and enjoy the view with our steaming comestibles. The weather was gorgeously clear, but terribly cold, so we opted to stay in the car.

Which turned out to be a very good decision.

More next time, Ciao!


Mariana Soffer said...

This seems to have been such a nice vacation time, I imagine you had fun. I want to go there myself and eat lots and lots of that thing that is in your picture (it seems tasty, I do not need to know their name)

kj said...

helllooo lavender! it seems you are out and about abit
and to that i say
and enjoy a nice day
strictly your way.

i'm sending blue balloons filled with love and reasons to laugh your way.


BetteJo said...

Those seagulls can be quite aggressive. They always call all their friends and squawk their fool heads off while competing for food. Grrrr.. Yep, better to keep it in the car.

Unknown said...

Sounds like such a pleasant little outing - gotta love those moments.

Did the seagull pictured get to help you with your meal?

Barkfoot said...

Fish 'n' chips!!!! I'm so hungry now. I wonder if the chip shop is still open up the road? I really fancy some chips.
I am the seagull sitting on your car bonnet... gizza a chip?!

Barkfoot said...

Love the lighting on the seagulls' chest.

ICEM Engineering said...

good vaction time