Friday, July 3, 2009

Now I cant hover, either.

Exotic nectar: free for the taking, if you have the right equipment and know-how. More info on the plant in my next installment.

Lets face it, this new antidepressant is a dud. Not only does it render me damn near useless, but Im still having dark thoughts AND now I find Ive gained 2 kilos! (4.5 pounds) Now I wish Id shared how well Id been doing with my weight loss goal, cause you might not think that 2 kilos is enough to worry about. Just take my word for it - weight gain is NOT acceptable. I do not need another reason to be depressed. LOLb


TC said...


Splendiferous honeysuckers.

Dark thoughts maybe, but the brightest and brilliantest of light and colour in your flora and fauna--matching the colour of your name in the flower here with a lovely feather-dusting of bright cinnamon.

Awaiting the next installment.

BTW, I have just posted, in your honour, this

Upside-down White-breasted Nuthatch

(Not to mention a big tawny owl, three posts below that, in case things get so bad you're feeling owlish...)

Feel better!

BetteJo said...

Weight gain always makes ME depressed! But I wouldn't know a kilo from an ounce. Aren't kilos what they measure cocaine in? :)

Bhavesh Chhatbar said...

Oh! That's a beeeeautiful sunbird or is it a hummingbird?

Kanda Bhaji from Sinhgadh (AKA Sinhgad, Sinhagad, Sinhagadh)

Young Werther said...

Don't panic about the weight gain...not yet anyway, bikini time is still months away ;)

Melanie said...

I hear ya with weight gain. Do you know that I am now so obsessed about my weight I have fat nightmares and wake up sad, actually, no lolling, its not funny.....I cant stop eating though and I have found medication that makes me so healthy that I dont dare stop to see if it is responsible.
what an amazing bird too by the way. I bet if I was thinner I could do that........:)

p.s took me so long to figure out how to get to your blog on my laptop without my handy blogroll thingy. The solution was so simple I now believe I am getting dummer AND fatter with age:)

Barkfoot said...

Looks as if you'll have to try a new anti-depressent, this one doesn't seem to suit you. 2 kilos weight gain is a bummer, but dwelling on it will do you no good. I'm sure it's difficult to find the motivation, but how about getting on that bicycle again? You told us that you used to whizz about on a bike when you were younger. Go out, go anywhere, and take the camera too, we want to see what you see...

Melanie said...

me again, hey the bike is a great idea. all those endorphins too will do wonders.I think I might take this advice also

xxx said...

Hi Lavender...
Beautiful bird shots again, thank you for sharing these.

Sorry to read that you're feeling blue.
How do you think you could change this for yourself?
I'm sorry that I know little of your past, but the photos you take are truely uplifting.

I visit the beach to elevate my spirit and I also meditate daily using Holosync technology.

Try to focus on what you want rather than what you don't want as it certainly helps you move closer to your goals as opposed to moving away from them.

take care and thank you again for all that you share.
best wishes

kj said...

dearest lavender,

weight gain is NOT okay. so we have that point out of the way.

regarding your meds, trials are needed, that's true, but is the person prescribing a specialist? i hope so.

remember my email address? anytime you know...

love love