Thursday, June 18, 2009


From my big backlog of pictures, this sunset from last March speaks most to me today, so here it is for you. It was a spectacular one, and fleeting, as are all sunsets.

So yesterday was the second go at my benign-so-far breast lump. They went deeper in and further around this time to get 'clean margins' to lessen the chance that it will regrow, which it was already doing. Joy. Some parts of being a girl have no glamour.

Between the ears, I saw the GP Monday and she agreed, sounds like the anti-depressant had conked out. We theorized that as it wasnt working, there was nothing to wean off, so thats a small win. It means I could start a new one the same day. Today is day four, and the general rule with anti-depressants is that they need to build up in your system, and it can take up to a month to see improvements. Often sooner, but a month is giving it a decent chance. Fingers crossed this one will work as nicely for me as the previous one.

I dont think everyone who is depressed HAS to be on meds. But sometimes there is just no sense suffering needlessly.

And here my body says I should get back to resting, Thank all of you for your kind messages and wishes. They are each much appreciated. Mwah!


Melanie said...

*fingers crossed* I hope these ones work matey. All the best with your physical health too at the moment. Wish you lived closer then I could make you a big hot chocolate barista style:)

Young Werther said...

Get well soon!

Looking forward to you back on yer feet and tromping the national parks!

kj said...

ohmygod, lavender, where have i been? i've missed all these posts. i'm working too much, for one thing, and i'm writing almost as much. but no complaints. i love both.

so you have a nuisance lump and a risingly good mood. i am glad for you, really.


BetteJo said...

Hope that is the last of the surgeries! Enough already!
And no, not every depressed person needs meds. But some definitely do and you don't have to defend it. Not in the least.