Monday, June 1, 2009

Last Roses with First Narcissus

One day last week, it stopped raining long enough that I could tackle a couple of garden jobs. One was to cut back a couple long and unruly canes from a few roses. Not time to prune the roses yet, but I needed my path back before August. From the ends of these ruffian branches I collected a nice lot of rosebuds - some shown here. (Mr. Lincoln and Bettina.)

You might also notice that there are Narcissus blossoms on the left. Very early! It wasnt even winter yet. (I think today is the first day of winter.)

When I see things blooming out of order, I wonder how much is due to climate change, and how much to the micro-climate in our gardens.

Either way - flowers at the kitchen sink make doing dishes alot nicer.


Young Werther said...

Those roses are absolutely gorgeous! I'll wait for the rains to stop before wandering out... any excuse to sit in front of the telly :)

BetteJo said...

I loves me some orange flowers. Always.