Monday, October 27, 2008

No good deed goes unpunished

First, some back story:

I get along better with animals, than humans.

I keep my two cats Aurora and Priapus, inside. I keep them inside even though Im sure its detrimental to thier mental health.

I know cats are hunters by nature, and Australia's small native animals are no match for them. Anyone who says thier cats dont hunt, dont know thier cats.

Its not the cats fault that they are here in Australia - its peoples fault.

And now my piece begins:

There is a sign up in my yard. A sign that only cats can see. Not having seen it myself, I dont know exactly what it says. But it must translate to "Safe House". Travelling cats see this sign, and if they require assistance, they know to hang out and allow me to see them.

Most times of the year, theres only one. But in spring - the season when a young Tom's fancy turns to love - traffic goes way up. I have FIVE strays Im monitoring at the moment, two are pregnant*. Sweetie*, Blondie*, Bluey, Battleaxe, and Greylegs.

Sweetie is very loveable. She wants to be loved as much as she needs to be fed. She is ravenous not just because she is pregnant, but also because she is heavily infested with worms. Par for the course when youre living rough on the streets.

So yesterday: I got a wormer that is safe for pregnant cats and a little tin of Royal Meow, waited for Sweetie to arrive, then went out to open the nights 'clinic'.

To my very great relief, the crushed wormer tablets mixed into the fishy mush was gobbled up with no hesitation. Now see, a pampered house cat would have instantly turned up thier nose and refused it - indeed, a pampered housecat would have preferred to starve.

Then Sweetie and I had a little love-fest. She just loves being pet, and craves loving company. I consider this one sign she is an abandonded pet. Aurora and Priapus, who watch from the window with great malice, are not impressed. (Dont worry, I change my clothes and have a big wash when I get in so I dont bring nasties of any sort back inside to these spoiled brats.)

But after a time, one must say' goodbye for now'. I explain to Sweetie that this special meal will make her tummy feel a bit better, and when I see her tommorrow we will see what else we can do - after all - I need to be sure that she really is abandoned, and not just a neighbor's neglected pet before I take her off to a shelter.

As I walked back to the front door, I lost my balance and fell over, dislocating my shoulder.

So I ask you...was that Karma?...or...Hubris?


Ces Adorio said...

OMG! Now do you have a clavicle or shoulder splint now? Oh jeez Lavender. I don't think it's karma nor hubris, but it's a rotten thing to happen. Take care, get well soon.

kd said...

Awwwww -- that's just simple bad luck! I hope your shoulder recovers swiftly. In the meantime, Sweetie is one lucky cat to have found someone to care about her well-being so much.

Best wishes for a speedy recovery,

Young Werther said...

Neither... t'was merely an accident. Take care.

Stuart said...

I'd say 'inconvenient'. You are obviously a Pet Lover, Lavender, for if it were me I would have just shoo-ed her away - and then would have been hit by a bus (that's Karma!). All the best with keeping the peace in your little household.

Lavender said...

Ces Uhhh, I dunno what kind it is LOLz The ER wasnt too impressed with me - what with me not being on the verge of actual death, which Im very Thankful for! :) Thanks for your well wishes!
Still loving your Acorn (& Oak) series!!!

KD Gday! Nice to meet you, what an adorable Racoon avatar you have! Thank you for your well wishes. I can see I will enjoy your blog very much, I so miss the Northern Hemisphere. Cheers!

Young Werther Many Thanks Mate - Make sure you stay safe yourself, and dont complain about anything (out loud anyway)! LOLz

Stuart My husband thinks thats exactly what I should do too LOL Maybe you both are onto something! Thank you for your well wishes, Cheers!

sandy said...

I really like your blog! I'll be back to see more.

Melanie said...

I love that little tale. I was not expecting the ending lol. Sorry you have hurt yourself and all the best for a quick recovery. I looked at your link for what hubris means and yes that is a good question indeed.
Now that I know what that word means I am reflecting on past situations where I could have used it. All the best.

Lavender said...

Sandy Hi, nice to meet you - and Thank you very much! Im off to your blog for a visit, see you there :)

Melanie Cool! I was glad Wiki had a page for it - its one you dont hear much for some reason - seems a pretty useful word. Thanks for your well wishes, see you soon!

BetteJo said...

I agree, it was neither. Simple bad luck and or balance. Hope your shoulder feels better!
Being a self proclaimed crazy cat lady - I applaud your efforts. :) There's a guaranteed place in heaven for you.

Lavender said...

Oh Thanks BetteJo - if the two resident cats didnt already hate each other, I might try adopting her myself - SHES SO SWEET it breaks my heart to leave her out there.
Glad theres another Crazy Cat Lady out there who knows where Im at!