Friday, October 10, 2008

Morton National Park - Fitzroy Falls Part 1

We entered the Morton National Park and decided to take the short hike to Fitzroy Falls.

The combination of the season (late winter), weather (raining) and altitiude (640 metres above sea level) made for some interesting photo opportunities. Which was fab as we had brought both lenses with the Canon (EOS 400D) and the mono-pod. So the only limitation on shooting was the rain - I guess Id better put "raincoat for camera" on my wishlist.

(I wish I could share these with you in full-size - but they are just toooooo big!)


Lavender said...

Ergh, this was meant for tommorrow - the 11th - LOL.

Check out the links for more info!

BetteJo said...

Cool stuff! But the question remains - did you make it to the falls?

roentarre said...

Beautiful parts of the nature. Wonderful

Ces Adorio said...

These are beautiful and the pine cones are awesome, unique. They remind me of my hair bursh.

Barkfoot said...

When I'm shooting in the rain, I often attach one of those sunshade umbrellas with the flexible/adjustable handles which can clamp onto deckchairs etc onto my monopod. They're just big enough to keep everything dry without being a pain to carry around and they fold up out the way when not needed.