Saturday, October 25, 2008

Little Wattle Birds prefer Banksia Serrata

This Momma is not the same Momma Little Wattle Bird whose chicks we featured last year. That Momma (and Poppa too) were very tolerant of my presence and built thier nest very low in this Banksia Serrata, allowing me to get those great close up chick shots.

But this years' Momma has been very nervous, flying off at the slightest suggestion of our presence. So we have not been trying hard for photos. The most important thing is the safety and comfort of the birds, naturally. As a result, for the first clutch of the year we only got one photo of her sitting and one photo of the single chick at fledging.

They built another new nest early this month, higher still from the last, but in a spot where I could shoot while half concealed. I found I still had to sneak out, otherwise Momma would hear the back door opening and take off...but if I used maximum stealth, I could get a few shots in before she would be upset.

In looking at this photo, I think I see why they keep choosing this tree even though other trees offer more cover and are closer to other trees.

Notice the spent Banksia flower cone - and her patterning. Fantastic!


BetteJo said...

Yep, that was my first thought when I saw the first photo - look how they blend in!

kj said...

i love these shots, lavender. hope you keep them coming!


Ces Adorio said...

Lavender, these are amazing. The bottle brushes have changed colours.

Lavender said...

BetteJo Whose clever now? :)

KJ I cant help myself - I shoot these guys everytime the camera and they are about, I just love them!

Ces Arent they interesting flower/seed heads - such character! Its my fave tree here in Oz.