Sunday, October 26, 2008

Happy Snaps - Little Wattle Bird chicks '08

Im pretty happy with this shot. I think its the best shot that I could have gotten under the shooting circumstances - and WOW - my timing was right on. Birds are amazing - Im so glad Ive planted lots of trees for them.

Little Wattle Bird parents spend all thier time catching insects while they have chicks in the nest. Although its not our idea of 'good protein', the insect diet does grow bird chicks with lightning speed. These chicks leave the nest just 14 days after hatching!


BetteJo said...

Wow and that nest is really well hidden - the matching colors and under the leaves like that. Great catch Lavender!

Melanie said...

Parent bird actually looks like he/she is eyeing you off suspiciously. I finally figured out how to put my name on the corner of my pics like you do ( yes i know, for pro's its easy lol) So although my photos arent up to your standard at least my work is kind of protected..i hope. off to look at your other pics now

Ces Adorio said...

Oh a new batch of wattles! Look at those hungry mouths. I remember last year's series! I need to get a telephoto lens!

Barkfoot said...

That's a lot of insects that need catching!...

Lavender said...

BetteJo I like to imagine what the world would look like if humans built thier homes in a way that they 'blend in' like this - I think it would be a gorgeous sight!

Melanie Teeheehee, I think youre right, parent was giving me the look!
I hope putting my name on the pics does help to protect them - although others more clever than I can probally still get around it - at least it may discourage a few.
Thank you for the very nice compliment too! :)

Ces I think I read somewhere (your blog?) that you have a Kodak DX6490? Thats the camera I shot last years chicks with - one of that cameras strengths is how close you can get (use the close up mode - works a treat - but that nest was low enough to get away with that - so lucky!) Also loved its zoom - but yes - I understand the desire for a telephoto lens - mind you, now that I have one, I find I want another even zoomy-ier one LOLz!

Barkfoot LOLz! Mate, there isnt a shrub, tussock, tree or crevice that isnt searched every day! Im SO GLAD Im not a baby bird!!!!!