Sunday, March 1, 2009

Quickie Road Trip: Wombeyan Caves Road

It was my second trip over these eighty some odd kilometres, but in the years since, I had forgotten how nearly terrifying it can be. Taken from the passengers seat, the pics might give you the idea that it would be awfully easy to make this your last ride in the country. And yep, it could!

More info at Wombeyan Caves Road at Wikipedia.

Till Next Time:
Remember to keep your arms inside
the vehicle at all times untill
the ride comes to a complete stop!


BetteJo said...

Is that one rope or cable supposed to stop a car from going over the side? Yikes!
That top shot is way cool!

Melanie said...

Roads like that freak me out. I would have to pack my valium snacks to make that road trip

Ces Adorio said...

We had many mountain roads like these in the Philippines when I was growing up. There were so many accidents, sometimes a entire busload of people got injured. The money intended for roads were pilfered by politicians.

sandy said...

I'll check out that link. Just yesterday we were on a road filled with ruts and it felt dangerous only for the poor car.

Barkfoot said...

I don't know what it is about that first photo (maybe it was because it was 4am) but I couldn't see what I was looking at. There's a strange optical illusion where the tunnel isn't obvious but looks like a brown coloured 'horn' shape painted on a rock face... OK, it's just me that can see that, I really must get more sleep!