Thursday, March 5, 2009

Off with 'Roo!

Hello, you beautiful creature! How are you today?

What? No, wait! Aw, Please?

Yeah, well, alright then. Guess its cooler in the shade. See ya later, Shiela!

Shiela = Chick, Bird, Lassie, Squaw, Dame, Spinster, Maid, Lady, Hen, Sow, Mare, Frau, SeƱora, and et aliae.


Young Werther said...

So is it Shiela or Sheila? Now I'm confused...


BetteJo said...

Oooh - direct eye contact there. Intense!

Ces Adorio said...

A most peculiar shaped animal! I read that there are more kangaroos than there are Australians. Is that true?

sandy said...

Oh, he's so darn cute!

My Budgies of the fictional town of Budgewoi said...

cute pix and captions too Lav.
it's "Sheila" I believe,