Monday, March 2, 2009

Endemic rough road, Epidemic in blogland

Most of the blogs I routinely read sound to me lately like people are on rocky roads of thier own. To those of you that is true for, I hope you enjoy a change of scenery for a bit.

As for this road, well, heck! At least it had recently been graded!

Alot of big rocks falling down onto the road from higher up, enough to keep the nerves on edge, even after my side of the Rover was no longer overhanging certain death.

When a spot safe to pull over presented itself, we found this sunny strawflower.


Ces Adorio said...

You wanted some adrenalin kick? Glad the rock was already on the road before you got there.

I think people exaggerate their woes or maybe not. Maybe some people really do have problems and want to share it with strangers. I sometimes wonder whether in person, I would pay attention to someone who has so many issues and seem so different from me, almost opposite. The blogs seem to make it acceptable and possible. I have to tell you however, that sometimes the blogs and face to face interaction do not jive. There is a certain sterility about the blogs. One can always exit without much ado. Face to face, it gets messy. In the blogs you also have to watch out for falling rocks!

sandy said...

ahhh, no problems here, I just won't let them in...I lean against the door they try to walk through and although they try to force and breakdown the door, no way...I had enough wallowing when I was younger.. It does not good.

Great photos.

kj said...

hey! i'm on one of those rocky roads! temporarily. i try not to wallow but what the heck if my fragility comes through sometimes. i'd rather be real than cold, or harsh, or numb. i also think sometimes lots of us are rocky and we're inclined to downplay our problems on the blogs, not embellish them. bet you didn't expect a bit of rocky analysis and discussion, huh? :)

Barkfoot said...

That's a fun road, my car wouldn't last 5mins on that though.