Saturday, October 20, 2007

6 days old, Little Wattle Bird Chicks

Eyes are opening!


Lavender said...

The nest is getting smaller :)
Sad to say that one chick has a cyst or abcess on one of its wings, you cna see the lump of it in this photo. It could be a feather that hasnt emerged properly - It should be fine - only mention it in case you notice it!
Migraine is still with me, I havent had a 3 dayer in a long time - will check in when I can - see you soon.

Sharon said...

This is great... thanks for posting the daily progress of these adorable little chicks.

How do you manage to get so close to the nest?

Do the parents ever give you a hard time?

Anonymous said...

I love seeing their new wing feathers! Just as well you saw the lump and can keep an eye on it Lavender ... once the nasty migrain goes! Top way to start the day ... checking in to see your chicks :)

Barkfoot said...

They look so much more bird like now they have their eyes open. I hope the lump sorts itself out. I suppose it's like having an ingrown hair (for those of us that have bristly faces) and they always seem to cure themselves.

BetteJo said...

Yes they do look so much more like birds now with their eyes open, and their eyes don't take up half their faces like it looked they would!
Another great pic!

Again - hope you feel better soon - so nice of you to brave the sunlight with a migraine to keep up on the birdie's progress. :)

Lavender said...

Sharon Hi Sharon - please say 'Gday' to Mookie for us! :) In this case, getting close to the nest is easy, it is only about 4-4.5 feet off the ground, so I do need a ladder! Tehehe
Since both parents feed the chicks they are constantly coming and going...I just wait till they are both out of the back yard, then run out and do my thing. Dad did come back once and landed above me and expressed his displeasure vocally, and Im glad thats all he did! :)

Anon I can just imagine them in a few more days when those feather sheaths open up - going to be lovely little fluffy ones Tehehe I hope that cyst sorts itself, looking again at the day before pics, I could see it starting then, but of course it clearer here.....hope your brain fire is over and out :)

Barkfoot Yipper Barkfoot, just like a bristly hair, should be right - but I will feel happier when I see that its on the mend - as Im sure we all agree!

BetteJo Tehehe, yes, thier eyes were alarming before they fit in thier heads! LOL Not really brave of me to go out in the sun, just my dogged determination Tehehe Not willing to let a day pass without seeing how they are, and loving sharing them too!

Think Im thru the worst of it now, soon I will just have what I call 'migraine hangover' :)

Ces Adorio said...

Lavender, are you taking something for your migraine? I always had visual disturbances as precursors of migraine, the aura, and when I felt them my heart would sink with fear and dismay because I know what's coming. I hope you feel relief soon.

These bird photographs are magnificent. I can't wait for the little ones to fly the coop. When they do we have two more beautiful creatures.

Why don't you have a naming contest for the two little creatures?

I may have to break my rule for one of the awards that I give out annualy. I think this series is more than outstanding.

Lavender said...

Hiya Ces!
I get the aura too, but find that when I am outside when the aura comes, I miss it - too bright to see the lights - Hahaha! But if take a big dose of ibuprofen as soon as I see the lights, then I just get a regular bad headache but not the full blown migraine. I should ask the doctor for something, shouldnt I?

Im looking forward to thier fledging day too, especially as a pair of Currawongs are lurking in the neighborhood, I dont want this story to have a sad ending - not on my shift!!!

A naming contest...thats a cute idea! I will have a think about that, Thanks Ces!

And Thank you too, for 'nominating' me for an award, but I just got really lucky these birds chose my backyard...maybe we should give an award to the birds tehehe Why not? :)