Friday, November 23, 2007

Doryanthes excelsa (Gymea or Spear Lily) 1

Shot from above. Can hardly wait till it blooms. You can bet I will have the camera ready for it. Amazing plant!

Doryanthes excelsa, Gymea or Spear Lily info on Wikipedia


Lavender said...

We suspected there were 'buds' a week or two ago, now we have confirmation! I am going to be SO POPULAR with the honeyeaters now! Tehehehehe
Feeling moderately better, and hoping to visit all my blog buddies later this morning - CHEERS!

Colin Campbell said...

Beautiful. It looks just like Agave. We have many of those in our garden. Very robust and very suitable to our dry climate here in Adelaide.

Barkfoot said...

I can't wait to see the monster flowers on this one. You'll need a wide angle just fit it all in.

Anonymous said...

I'm pleased you are feeling better Lavender! Will also watch out for the bloom of your Gymea Lily :)

Lavender said...

Colin Now that you mention it, it does! This will be the first flowering for us, theyve only be in about 8 years! LOL Ah well, good things come to those that wait??

Barkfoot A wide angle and a very tall ladder! Still, Im really excited to see one up close and personal - and take my lens as close as I can to share it :)

Anon Eight years of waiting for this! Tehehe Im so looking forward to it - and seeing the birds enjoy it!
Every day in every way Im gettting better and better Hehehehe
(Ta, Anon!)

Sharon said...

What colors are the blooms?

I have to agree with Colin it does resemble an Agave which we have plenty of.

Have you ever heard of a plant that sort of looks like this called The Pride of Madeira?

Also love your previous posts that I missed.

Lavender said...

Sharon Pride of Madeira and a relative Tower of Jewels - oh gosh yes! Ive wanted to grow them for ages, but finding seed here hard to come by - Now if I could plant those, and get them to grow alongside this - thats a display that would stop traffic!! LOL

This blooms red - and the flower stalks can reach to 20 feet tall (6 meters) altho I think they average a bit shorter....looking forward to seeing how tall this one gets!

Thanks Sharon! :)

Anonymous said...

Guess what movie I'm watching tonight Lavender? ARGGGGHHHHHH


Jean-Luc Picard said...

It seems you always have your camera at the ready!

Lavender said...

Anon ARRRRR - Hoist the colours!! :)

Captain LOL I really need one 'installed' on my person - would save me alot of time running to get it :)

Ces Adorio said...

Lovely leaves and I like that it looks like one of my favorite fruits - pineapple.

Lavender said...

Ces Yes! I can see the pineapple-ness in this - nice interpretation there Ces!! :)