Sunday, December 9, 2007

Sunday Mixed Grill!


Lavender said...

Handsome Magellan, for the budgie fans.
Close up of the now blooming Kangaroo Paw and shot of the whole plant as well for Barkfoot.
A one-use waterproof camera to take on an upcoming trip - which I bought myself in the morning....along with a little something special The Most DH purchased in the afternoon!
And finally, an interesting photo from my clip art collection, I have no info on where that was taken - or what its about - but fits the season.

Have a great sunday - you all know what I will be doing :)

Anonymous said...

Best barbecue I've been to for a while Lavender! HAHA!! I am VERY EXCITED about the new cameras!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WHAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!! Beautiful 'paw' shots :)

BetteJo said...

Love love LOVE the colorful pics! Megellan can be very proud of his blue feathers - and I am still facinated by that kangaroo paw! Beautiful!
Am curious about your upcoming trip too - waterproof camera, what? :)

Barkfoot said...

Wow, there's a bit of everything there! I like the kangeroo paw plant, now I just need to remember what kangeroo paws look like to make a comparison...
$20! You'd better choose those shots carefully!

Lavender said...

Anon Hehehe Im having fun slowly taking it out of the box - may get it out in the backyard this afternoon for some testing! He really shouldnt have, but Im glad he did!

BetteJo Magellan is such a good buddy too, so is his sister glad the Kangaroo Paw is is interesting to all of you overseas readers!
This waterproof camera was bought on spec - they are making me go on holiday over christmas/new years - the ocean will be involved....but to what extent? Stay tuned! LOL

Barkfoot Yeah, I was surprised it was that much - and only 27 shots (which I suppose is better than 24 but....) Ah well, if my plans come to fruition - it will be money well spent!
Oh, heres a set of Kangaroo's kangaroo paws I posted last july...your wish is my command LOL!

moggie said...

amazing shots, lavander!

wow...someone's got herself a 400D.

love the shots of the kangaroo paw. we get them here in the highlands too....not as pretty as the ones you captured though. thanks for sharing. : )


Lavender said...

Moggie Thank you! Your shots are always great, so I appreciate that :)
Had the 300mm lens out yesterday afternoon - definately need my tripod for that LOL! Looking forward to being as familiar with this one as I was my old camera - which was a Kodak going from a VW to a Ferrarri! LOL

Barkfoot said...

Thanks - You are good to me!

Lavender said...

Barkfoot Cheers Mate!