Saturday, November 17, 2007

Purple Wattles & Pirates

By now you know my camera (a Kodak DX6490) is hopeless in less than full sun (at noon, on the equator). Last week during our rainy days I spied both our Little Wattle Bird chick friends, and the pics I got were terrible. So I had a little fun with this one.

Busily taking nectar from the Jacaranda, our two chicks look very nearly full grown. They are doing great on thier own, but whenever they see thier parents they still beg to be fed. I guess kids are always kids, eh?

I just wanted to share with everyone that they have both made it. Hooray!

And on a completely unrelated topic:

POTC3! Pirates of the Caribean - At Worlds End hits video rental stores NEXT WEDNESDAY, November 21st. Arrrr, finally!


Lavender said...

My local video rental place said that they sell any extra copies they get - I was hoping they were going to do a pre-order thingo, but Nup. Oh well :)

NWRMK said...

ohmigosh ! that bird is beautiful -- we have lost our leaves and I am chasing the pair of Pileated Woodpeckers who are elluding my camera and you post this. What an absolute treat. Thank you , Thank you. Keep posting those photos and I will be soo happy here in up and over.

ps. I posted the hat that morphed into a scarf in case you wanna see .\\


keep snapping those pics


Lavender said...

Oneida Oh the Pileated's are so big - I love woodpeckers, adore the sound of thier hammering on the trees - you always know when one is about LOL
This Little Wattle Bird isnt really that colour tho - I didnt mean to mislead! You really couldnt see more than a very dark bird shaped blob, so I changed his colour a bit to be fun and to show that it really was a Little Wattle Bird - I hope you get shots of your Woodpeckers! And I will be over later to see the scarf :)

Anonymous said...

Thank goodness that isn't a purple people eater! Hhehhehheeee. HOORAY for the babies surviving! Most cameras aren't suited to Australian light - even the Australian brand names ... Afternoon Delights will be grainy :) LOVE the effect you have done for above though - very creative Lavender!


Ces Adorio said...

These images are magnificent and those of the purple flowers. I am so thrilled to see these but I think it would be better if I was surrounded by them. Thanks Lavender.

Lavender said...

Anon Iwas so happy to see them BOTH at the same time - that way I was SURE they both made it! Tehehehe
Yes, Aussie light is very tricksy, sure makes it a challenge, eh? Thanks Anon, and ARRRRRRR!!!

Ces Sounds like you would have fallen for them just like I did, they do lend a bit of magic to the spring garden, they way the flowers fall to the ground, often with a bee still in it - just looks so lovely. Brings to mind too the lovely pink cherry blossoms in Japan - Ive only seen pictures from the Cherry blossom festival, but it looks so glorious! Thanks Ces! :)

kj said...

magic is the right word, lavender. what a gorgeous shot.

BetteJo said...

Glad to hear about the wattle chicks - it was hard to let go of them just cause they learned to fly!
It would be pretty cool if they really were that color!

Lavender said...

KJ Aw Thanks KJ, we all need a little more magic in this day and age :)

BetteJo Wasnt it! I actually wandered about here for at least a week after they fledged wondering what I was going to do with myself and this blog LOL

Jean-Luc Picard said...

The bird has gone through a purple patch!

Lavender said...

Captain And been covered in it, LOL! :)

Unknown said...

When I went looking for them, at about 14 days, they had left the nest...I couldn't believe young...I was a little sad for them...nice to see they look great and life is treating them good.

Poor things still want their mom!

Lavender said...

Pawhealer I was sad for me! LOL I missed them alot after they went over the fence - but so excited to see them well and soon I wont be able to tell them from thier folks! Tehehe
It was very fast, wasnt it?!