Saturday, November 10, 2007

Mrs Superb Fairy Wren

Sweet fluffy mommy bird having a break from showing her chick how to hunt in my Orange Trumpet Vine for insects.

Ive got a few things going on behind the scenes of the blog. As a result, Im still behind with visiting everyone. I should be around tonight - if I survive! LOL Will fill you all in soon, Have a great weekend!


Lavender said...

Ive been so busy I will make chasing my tail into an art form!
See you all as soon as I can!

Snoskred said...

It amazes me the diversity of birds in this country. Everywhere I go I find different birds..

I have loads of bugs here on my tomato plants so I would love it if a bird dropped in to eat them!

Sorry I haven't been by in a while.. major busyness, moved to wordpress etc. ;)


BetteJo said...

Your wrens are so fluffy! And this one is a bit lavender - isn't she? How pretty - is her chick pretty too?

Anonymous said...

Mr Superb Fairy Wren has a superb Fairy Mrs! She is lovely and photographed superbly! Heehee.

Lavender said...

Snoskred Oh I hear you about being busy - currently chasing my own tail! LOL I hope you get some feathered helpers too, nothing better than home grown tomatos! :)

BetteJo Well, I have to admitt, baby looks lots like Mommy, but every bit as darling! LOL Little fluff balls, arent they? Its been cold lately, so they are looking fluffier than usual :)

Anon Thanks so much Anon! Im in withdrawl from not seeing your blog for 2 days, in another hour or so I can have a good read - see you there! :)

Catherine said...

My son just said to me "That bird was in our garden today!" Wow she sure does get around.... the world! She must be worn out, poor thing.

Lavender said...

ROFL! Catherine Thats so cute, and isnt it great that he noticed a bird in your garden today - lots of little brown birds look alike to even keen bird spotters - he may still be the next great naturalist :)

Ces Adorio said...

She is tiny. You got her. Must be exciting to photograph these tiny sweet things.

Lavender said...

Ces Im not sure theres a word for how I feel when little treasures like these visit my garden - its very special tho. :)