Saturday, November 24, 2012

This sort of thing gives Christianity a bad name

I assume that this TEXT MESSAGE was sent in response to my last post. Which makes me wonder why she sent it to her brother, my husband, instead of me.
Hi (name), Please do not come to christmas at our place, christmas upsets you guys so much i dont want to inflict more pain so you can keep your hate & selfishness to yourselves and allow (us) to celebrate to any extent that we need too, even if it includes 'cash & prizes'. You guys are not the only ones that have difficulties we just choose not to vomit them out on you. So now you are free of the worry, expense & having to interact with us. Not sure why you just didn't decline the invite to start with. Any reply can be made to (her husband).
In actuality, I myself did not accept the invite. In fact, there was no invite. There was a general announcement that Christmas was at their place.

My response can obviously not be sent to her. But shortly I will publish it here.

Not for her, but for me. Which is what the original post was about trying to figure out why I feel the way I do.

Maybe I am psychic, maybe I was picking up on the true nature of this Beast we call Christmas.


BetteJo said...

Holy cow! I didn't take your post to be directed at anyone in particular - and I actually thought it was nice for you to say you didn't want to deny your husband and his family .. maybe she missed that part? Wow. And Christianity had nothing to do with that response!

Lavender said...

Thanks BetteJo, and youre right, it wasnt aimed at anyone - it was aimed at Christmas! LOL
I do hope you and yours all have a lovely holiday season BJ, Cheers!

Young Werther said...

Sigh, some people are quite twitchy eh?

Yesterday, we told a relly to bugger of (hate people who drop by without calling esp. on a stinking hot day).

Lavender said...

Hey there YW!
Yesterday was a complete stinker wasnt it? 37 here, isnt it a bit early for that?
Unexpected company can really blow - especially when the heat requires one to sit under a fan nearly naked all day LOL

Unknown said...

Maybe it's a unique invite which your friends want to do in this Christmas holiday.

Lavender said...

ROFL!!! Good one Anh!!! :)