Thursday, September 25, 2008

Hey Man, scored some weed!

Well, road side weed actually. Looks like some sort of Verbena...Bonariensis? Maybe?

The only 'weed' we enjoy here on our patch is the catnip I grow for my furry friends - its actually very good as a tea for humans as well - very calming - quite the paradox!

And yet, as I make this wee little 'weed' joke, I am reminded of Steppenwolf's 1968 "Dont Step on the Grass, Sam". I was only five years old. But I distinctly remember feeling like I didnt understand this song, or the world...
(-deleted scenes were here-)

Sorry, waxed all retrospectively philosophical for about two hours there - thats another reason Im not blogging much of late, I veer off on morose tangents that would better suit a "real" piece of literature. That and I lose way too much a time when I am required to spend less time sitting in one spot letting gravity work me over with her brass knuckles without so much as scratching back at that bitch.........

sheesh, well, you see what I mean, dont you?

One of these three things is for certain, either:

I am finally loosing my mind - for real this time.

I actually possess a brilliant mind thats been savagely repressed,
but has finally begun to fight back, and now, now is the time for me
to be clad in a raiment of splendour, and shine in the glorious sun
of my magnificent and awe inspiring intellect.


My parents did way too much weed.


Ces Adorio said...

Man, your weeds are way cooler than mine.

BetteJo said...

Maybe 2 - because of 3?

Young Werther said...

Hey springs here... hope you pick up and blossom like the flowers :)

Barkfoot said...

If you're going to lose a mind, it may as well be a brilliant one.