Saturday, August 15, 2009

Roses and Rosehips

Regular readers will remember, that I am pruning my rose bushes a tad early this year. From that, Ive gleaned some lovely rosehips and even roses to bring inside. The micro-climate in my garden keeps them blooming, albeit on mostly bare branches, right untill winters bitter end.

I seem to be sailing at a more even keel on this new med. Iam looking forward to seeing the actual psychiatrist in September - I want a qualified opinion on what flavour of impairment I am experiencing. Pity you have to be in such bad shape before they let you get that. (((diatribe deleted)))

So, tuesday the 18th is the big day for Carpal Tunnel surgery #1, knock on wood it isnt cancelled again. I have been practicing doing things left handed for a couple weeks now, and I hope I will be able to post through the week. However, if I should go missing, dont worry. Keep safe out there!


BetteJo said...

Oh my, hope this med is indeed a helpful one!

Barkfoot said...

An abundance of hips? Then how about making some Rosehip syrup? Yummy and good for you. It's easy to make even left handed.