Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Further on down the road

Got that blues tune in my head now...ah well. I find if a song sticks in my head I have to put it on and listen to it. Otherwise they just go on for days and days and days untill I do. Most times though, they are little messages. Doubt thats the case here...but I must cease my digression.

Why have I brought you to a toilet block? Cause it was such a groovy one! We both admired the simple, industrial beauty of the thing. Built obviously to withstand vandal attack, salty winds off the nearby beach, AND thermo-nuclear war. It was also the cleanest public facilty on the whole trip, which is saying alot seeing as how it is a pit toilet. I am going to learn to do what I gotta do: standing up, I swear.

So because it was so dreadfully windy and cold and grey, we didnt venture out from the car much after this stop. Which we were planning to do, as we were hanging for a good coffee, and had our travelling facilites for such with us. But, Brrrrrrr!

Still, I cant resist shooting pics, even when it is clearly time to put the camera to bed. Having said that, I am experimenting with night photos - sans flash - I will share some more sometime, but heres a two for now.

Tommorrow we are on the road again, this time to leave our Rover in for a timing belt replacement - an EXPENSIVE but important bit of maintenance. We are supposed to be getting a fully tricked out 4WD as a loaner for the day, and we cant wait to experiment with options we have been thinking about adding to our Disco. Ive got the camera gear all ready - heres hoping its a nice sunny day to make mischief in.


Bhavesh Chhatbar said...

Quite well expressed. I wish you have a sunny day :)

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Unknown said...

Never imagined making a comment on a toilet facility, but I actually can see why you included a picture of it - it is quite different!
I like your experimental pictures too, glad you shared them with us.

BetteJo said...

I've always loved the night pics with the headlights, hope you keep experimenting with that.