Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Kick it to me!!!

The last of the seagull shots, for this location anyhow.

Im just going to ramble it off and push the publish button - if I try to 'compose' I will just be here all night:

In regards to my mental health, its been definately different. Had a dose adjustment last friday (up a bit) and if this week is anything to go by, it could go up just a smidge more. Seeing the GP for a follow up on this friday. Now, at last, they have approved me to see a psychiatrist, (as opposed to a psychologist). His first available appointment is in September, HA!! HA!!

But on the bright side, well, fingers crossed...through a series of events I managed to get myself on another surgeons list (same one that did my breast lump) for the carpal tunnel/wrist surgery, and Lo and Behold, if it isnt postponed again, I will have my right hand done on August 18th - Woo F-ing Hoo!

After that I can go on the list for my left, which is very nearly as bad as the right - but they insist on doing your dominant hand first. The Most DH has arranged to take that whole first week off, and I have been saving bread bags to waterproof my paw when I want to shower. I tell you all this because I know how much you want more excruciating details.

So Ive been practicing doing things southpaw style, to reduce frustration later. Also, many things have to be done around here before the surgery, so if Im missing in action here, Im probably pruning roses; or if around the 18th, I may be enjoying playing the invalid - for so long as I can get away with it.


Barkfoot said...

I like the Seagull shots.
Good news on the surgery front, it'll make life so much better in the long run.

BetteJo said...

Glad you're getting your ducks in a row.

kj said...

lavender, it is a psychiatrist who has the expertise with meds, so that is a good move. i'm glad.

getting the right combination and dosage can take a couple of months sometimes, but an experienced psychiatrist will know what to try and how much.


Young Werther said...

Have me thinking... maybe you should get this Dragon Naturally Speaking speech recognition thingy, no excuse for not blogging!