Friday, August 28, 2009

Interesting, boring, and kinda gross

That is the interesting bit above. See, I want to experiment with infra-red photography - without doing surgery on my camera.

I could spend $60 for a filter which will give near-infra-red effects...$60 bucks!...they're dreamin'! And they want about that much for the fabled 'neutral density filter' that I would use alot more, and covet hotly.

All of which explains why the other day there was the shot with the red cellophane over the lens (just held on with a rubber band), and now today: this is a combo of red and dark blue cellophane, its getting there, dont 'cha think? Curiosity may also be a mother of invention.

All that could also constitute the 'boring' content too, depending on which way you are inclined.


Check out the colours of the bricks and sky - no post-processing here.

And for the gore lovers out there, heres my incision. It is nearly two inches long, keyhole surgery is for wimps! Beats me why they just steri-stripped it back together instead of tying a few stiches, (probably a cost cutting measure).


Barkfoot said...

That's a very scary wound. At least with steri strips you don't have to go back and have stitches out.
Why are infra red pass filters so expensive? You could try the homemade version made from negative film strip as described in one of my old blog posts 'Seeing things in a different light'...

BetteJo said...

How is it you happen to have all that cellophane? I never have any of that stuff!

Your incision looks - uh .. healthy! Not red and puffy, looks like you're healing well, and might even get a cool scar out of it!

Young Werther said...

Ouch... just looking at the incision.