Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Perhaps no news, IS good news?

Operating on the assumption that some content is better than none, and with painful awareness that tommorrow is another lost day, heres some news from me...

I now have a set schedule for torching which is yielding mixed results. Mixed in that my creations on torch still leave me wanting, (beads that make my heart sing are still missing from the mix). But in my life as the Minister for Domestic Affairs and Administration, things are going great guns! Dinners have been made, laundry under control, dishes done daily, mending pile decimated. Oh, sure, you could still plant potatoes on the floors, but Im getting there.

In the aviary, 4 pairs of budgerigars are sitting on 21 eggs, and 'Hatch Watch' begins on the 6th.

In the garden, the cabbage moth's offspring are getting the best of the broccoli,despite my being out there each morning picking those blighters off. Win some, loose some - I guess.

Other stuff goes in there somewhere, but perhaps in another day, something more interesting will come along.

The photo is of my favourite tools - - - Ciao for now.

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