Friday, May 25, 2007

Lost for Words, Adrift in Life & Lampwork Beads

Some of my lampwork beads are available from (link removed) and I have a few up on (link removed) ebay but I must confess I havent been on the torch this week at all.

Im still stuck in my creative slump/burn out, and finding it hard to light that puppy up and melt some glass. Its hard to believe that this happened to me, after all, I had been so obessed with working the glass. Nothing Else Mattered. Since this funk came, well...the best way to describe it is with a sound.....the sound of a dial tone.

But thats all eerie and a bummer - we dont wanna talk about that here, do we?

All is not lost creatively. Ive decided to do an art quilt. Been a long time since I worked with textiles and Im a bit excited about it. I have a design in mind, and am now trying to decide on the colours...its an art quilt, yes...but it is going to be a working quilt as well for our queen size bed. So its important to not make something that will keep us awake all night, or have parts that the cats can chew off and cough up know what I mean Im sure.

What I wonder is, how can you have a creative slump/burn out in one art form, and not others? Or, am I just out of love with glass? (How could that happen?) Any other mutli-form artists out there ever have this experience? Id love to hear from you.


Obsidian Kitten said...

gorgeous glasswork! i love the red and black...

i have to go look at your things. i want to make some orifice hooks for spinning wheels (basically the thing you use to pull the yarn through to begin spinning), and your beautiful beads would be *perfect* =)

Maria said...

Those beads you make are just amazing! They look so good and I think you're very creative too! Keep up the good work! Now, I'll go see your other creations, because they really got me :)

Lavender said...

Thanks Maria, I was in a real slump when this post was done, and since then Ive had to go on a bit of a break due to a neck injury - but once Im ready to go again, I have a zillion ideas to try! LOL
Thanks for visiting - hope you get another weekend away very soon!