Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Superb Fairy Wrens, Ferocious Predators

As the fall deepens here in Oz, the roses put on thier final show for the season. Inevitably, aphids arrive by the gazillions, and try to ruin the show.

Normally, Id hit them with a homemade chilli spray, but theres been so much going on around here lately, that I hadnt gotten to it yet.

This week, a troupe of Superb Fairy Wrens swooped in to the rescue. They were amazing! They spent hours and hours each day, scurrying from rose bush to rose bush, devouring aphids like tiny little feathered vaccums.

The Birds in Backyards Factsheet has a picture of a male in his breeding plumage, which features the most amazing bright blue. At the bottom of that page you can listen to these birds in an MP3 format. Enjoy!

Back in the studio.......Ive made a few beads so far this week. Fewer than Id like to have. Working with reds for a change, concentrating on having fun just melting the glass, not putting pressure on myself to 'perform', still working on getting the groove back. Have to admit Im feeling a bit stifled in all areas this week, as Friday Im due in hospital for an investigative procedure, and I just cant shake the willys over it. So I will just be extra nice to me till this is over - and hopefully they wont make me wait too long for results!

Be good to yourself today.


Anonymous said...

The tail of your Fairy-Wren is lavender!!! I'll get over the 'lavender' jokes eventually :)

Lavender said...

S'all right Anon! LOL Hope you get some great Superb Fairy Wren shots soon - see you and Jack over at your blog, Cheers!