Sunday, April 8, 2007

Crispy, Crunchy, BBQ'd Artist

First off let me tell you that this Blogger stuff is not hard to learn - what a relief! If youre thinking of joining up, go for it!

Im still in a creative funk. So much so that I havent lit the torch much since my last post. An even more telling 'symptom' is that I havent even wanted to order more glass! Anyone who knows me well, knows that this is a very serious sign indeed.

Creative Burn-out. I wasnt sure I wanted to post about it. Never thought it could happen to me. Then I thought, "Heck! I cant be the only artist who ever walked this mile."

Im trying to take the time to do things that might 're-fuel' me creatively, and stay hopeful that this dismal time will pass - quickly!

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Heather Powers said...

something that helps me is to just jump in on a project that doesn't require any creative effort. Like mixing colors or creating a cane, before I know it something sparks. Maybe you could work on mindless spacers in your favorite colors until the blah time passes. Also, look for creative challenges like project spectrum or the art bead scene challenge to give you a deadline and a jump start. You'll be back to your old beady self soon enough. :)