Saturday, April 14, 2007

Progress, NOT Perfection

Id never seen a DOUBLE rainbow before the other morning, amazing!

Thank you Heather, for your great tips! I hope other readers will feel free to share what has helped them through creative burn out - to offer encouragement to others who find themselves there.

Ive spent time in my aviary, selecting a couple pairs and setting them up to breed, making all 19 of them thier favourite treats and making perch improvements. They love to sit on my hand and 'wrestle' my thumb, or preen my hair, or just sit on my shoulder and tell me all the birdy gossip. Budgies are really great pals. In the USA they are called parakeets.

Ive also spent time in the garden, digging out the last of the drought victims and seeking a new vision for its re-design. Using library books and the internet, Ive been researching new native plants that have the potential to thrive in defiance of this 'big dry'. I rescued the veggie bed from invasion by a vicious thorny weed, and planted lettuce, sweetpeas, broccoli and garlic.

The Most DH and I have spent some time together too. His employer closed for a week over easter and so we had some bonus time. We read books, went out for coffee and dinner, watched movies, and exercised our imaginations extensively on how to best spend $27 million if we won the lotto this week. We didnt win. Bummer.

While all these things went on, in the back of my mind Ive been trying to work out what brought on this case of creative burn out. The most significant points in my case are: Perfectionist tendencies, stubborness, lack of life-balance, poor health, and being a business.

Now that I know what to work on, I will light the torch today and see what comes.

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