Saturday, April 21, 2007

She was Robbed!!!

She was robbed! Or, the buyer got a Steal. Whats your call?

Sherry Bellamy's Parachute Heart Focal Bead

This bead makes me sick with desire. The desire to own it? Yes, but worse still is the wanting to have made it myself! (Hows this for total honesty?)

I like to imagine that I could figure it out if I applied myself, I think I know how the parachutes are done. But when I contemplate giving it a go myself, well...remember in Pirates 2 when Jack Sparrow makes the deal with Davy Jones for 100 souls to replace his own on board the Flying Dutchman? After the deal is done Jack says he feels "sullied and unusual".

Im still looking forward to the day when the direction I should take my work reveals itself to me. My Magmaforms need to be taken to the next level, or perhaps a whole new 'thang' is going to come along. Either way, I shouldnt have missed the end of this auction, this bead of Sherry's should have fetched a higher price, dont you agree?

If you are a lampwork bead-maker and selling on ebay, you might agree with me that the bubble seems to have burst there. (Many reasons/theories we wont go into here right now.)

If you are a lampwork bead-buyer and buying on ebay, the world is your oyster! LOL

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