Sunday, April 26, 2009

A friend in deed

So, depression, eh? One of the more insidious aspects of it is; everything you enjoy doing goes bye-bye. You find everything to seem to be more effort than it can possibly be worth. Its all far too hard. Better to just sit, stare and ruminate on what was, or might have been, if one wasnt such an abject Loser.

A few weeks ago I foolishly made a casual comment in the direction of The Most DH about realizing I hadnt had the camera out in an Ent's age. Then, about an hour later, I found myself being escorted out the door and into our Rover, already packed with all the camera gear, and a modest selection of snack foods.

And what was my reaction? I was genuinely miffed. I complained that the day was too rainy for any good shots and proceeded to sulk for 110 kilometres.

Undaunted, The Most DH drove us off road into a state forest, and after sighting a group of yellow tailed black cockatoos, pointed them out to me, and parked.

Well I couldnt see them from where I was sitting, and confidently predicted that IF I was to rouse the slightest bit of interest, they would surely take off before I could raise the lens.

The Most DH opened a couple cans of fizzy drink for us and munched some cheezy crackers. Between bites he gave me a narrative on the birds activities and locations.

He kept it up for twenty minutes. Twenty minutes he had to work at me untill I could no longer resist the temptation to just slip out into the forest, have a bit of a stalk, and maybe, just maybe the universe might give me a little win to build some new confidence on.



Jennifer AKA keewee said...

Sometimes we need a nudge from someone to get us moving again. In the long run we thank them.

BetteJo said...

He's a keeper! It's one part of depression that doesn't get talked about as much - how HARD it is on the partner. It's tough on them and your Most DH sounds lovely. :)

Jenny said...

What a great DH. Best to take care of him real good so he will stay around to look after you. Hope you are on the up & up now.

Love the sculpture under the bridge. Can I ask where it is?

Melanie said...

You have a good friend in your DH.

Young Werther said...

What a great caring guy! Did he pack any Doritos?

Barkfoot said...

If you never raise the lens, you never get the shot. Difficult as it may feel to get on out there, it is the right direction to go. I'm glad you have such an effective catalyst as DH.