Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Brilliant! As if on cue...or not

Stuff happens: usually unexpectedly, sometimes not. Today stuff happened in spades!

But! Then I complicated things by deciding it was well past time I gave the floors a good seeing to. Housework was never one of my more treasured parts of being female, but with this rather rare burst of energy/interest/fear of the health department showing up, I thought it best just to go with it.

So for hours I vaccumed and mopped the floors of the entire house, but I couldnt stop there. Concentration is impaired with depression. I only meant to do the floors, but found myself up a ladder getting the top shelf of the wardrobe, the air con vents, all the woodworks and mouldings around the floors, doors and cieling - and Oh! While Ive got the vac out, lets run it over the cieling fan and the furriest bits of the lounge - Ack! Look at the dust along the top of the curtains...a little windex on a rag and I could get the fingerprints off the lightswitch - Ive officially gone insane!

All throughout this frantic festival, I kept telling myself Id still get done in time to go grocery shopping and THEN, at the scheduled time, I will sit down and write something brilliant!

Shall I call you when Elvis gets here?


Lucky for me the talented illustrator Ces of Ces and her dishes, has kindly awarded me the "This blog is Administered by a Mental Ninja" Award!

Which is, as I told her, so much nicer sounding than just 'Plain Mental'...Thank you very much Ces!


BetteJo said...

Woo hoo! Congrats on the award! I love it when I get insane like that - it happens rarely but when it does - my house sparkles!

Barkfoot said...

My place could do with a dose of insanity. I rely mainly on the cats rubbing up against the furniture to keep things dust free. It's amazing how many household chores they get done with only a strategic pinch of catnip here and there...

Young Werther said...

A clean house... no dirty thoughts ;)
(I think the saying goes something like that)

sandy said...

I do the exact same thing. It may take a lot of procrastination before I start the deep cleaning but once I do, nothing remains untouched an everything is clean later.