Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Op-Ed: Our Land Rover and Volume Plus' Bio-diesel

The Most DH and I share a Land Rover Discovery TDI (1990 model, 4 cylinder, Turbo)*. Last year we began using Bio-diesel fuel available from Volume Plus service stations in our area. Im happy to report that its been working a treat for us.

On the Bio-diesel, we get only 3 kilometres less per litre. I dont think thats too bad given the potential benefits for the planet. It is a harder start in cold weather, given that the bio-diesel is just that little bit less combustible than regular diesel. Again, thats a small price to pay....and oh yes! Price wise its been around the $1.22 AUD a litre mark too - Sweet!

There is another 'benefit' too. Everywhere we go, we spread the scent of a fish and chips shop. Much nicer on the nose than regular exhaust fumes, eh?

What can you do for the environment today?

*Now before anyone gets upset because we drive an SUV type vehicle, hold your fire! Let me repeat the word SHARE...we have chosen to run only one car between us. (Yes, it is inconvenient.) But imagine if more families ran only one car...here in Australia its not uncommon to see five or more cars parked outside each house. More importantly, the fuel economy of our Land Rover is comparable to a Falcon or Commodore. So you cant get me on that one either. Unless you never drive anything other than a bicycle. Thank you.


Jenny said...

Yep...a fish and chips shop smell is better! lol!! We're a one car family too....

Young Werther said...

..I walk and catch the train but that's not the issue. It's great that we're all doing our little bit. Keep up the good work!

Have to start stalking your 4WD. We've banned all fried stuff at home and I'm suffering cholesterol deprivation.

From one Sydneysider to another, hope the rain's not getting you down.

Lavender said...

jdoriot - onya! Way to go!

young werther - onya too! Good luck with the deprivation and if I see someone running behind - I will slow down for ya!

Anonymous said...

At least your thinking about your impact on the environment. Here in America its only becoming a worry because of the high gas prices. Its all selfish thinking here!

People are not thinking even with our tax money going to the Iraq war! A war you can say is for control of oil resources...

And your using biodiesel and you have an old SUV. Here a lot of people get another car just because they are bored with their current one.

And I would say an SUV is more necessary out in the outback too!

Lavender said...

Being an ex-pat myself, I can relate to your comments re: selfishness. I think one day I might do a long post on where I think that all comes from. And to my mind, its not just a US phenomenon anymore.
Thanks for picking up on that it is an old vehicle - we just couldnt see our way straight to purchasing a brand new one, given what they cost (environmentally) to produce.
Thanks also for visiting, I enjoyed your site very much. Keep up the good work!