Sunday, June 24, 2007

Budgie Sunday - Goldies Chicks, All grown up

This will be the last post following Golides' chicks from hatching to full grown. All five are flying well, feeding themselves, and completely independent. The eldest chick is now 48 days old, and the youngest 38 days.

This first picture is of the youngest chick, a yellow faced pied. The main tail feathers have not yet emerged, I have no idea why. Its very unusual, but it doesnt seem to impair the chick at all, so no worries.

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The next picture is of the eldest chick, a yellow faced greywing? Im curious about this chick as Im not certain that it is a true greywing. Anyone out there more knowledgeable than I about greywings? Dilutes? Im under the impression that greywings have the standard blue/grey legs, and this chick is sporting pink legs and a more orange beak....mysterious chick.

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And finally we have the rest of the crew - plus a cousin. Goldie and Freebird had two yellow faced blue and one 'normal' blue (white face).

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Its a very short childhood for the budgie, its amazing to me how fast they grow from just out of thier tiny egg - to a full grown and fully independent bird, in just a matter of weeks.

If you would like to see earlier chick pics, click "Sunday, Budgie Sunday" under Labels in the right hand margin. Next week on Budgie Sunday we will meet another adult bird in my flock. Have a great week!


jdoriot said...

I love the second one from the right in the last photo! My parents bred finches for years...and also had budgies too. I never really was interested in them...I guess 'cause I had to help clean out the cages! lol!!

Kate said...

I've never really been a bird fan, but I have to say the colors on yours are absolutely stunning! They look so soft and sweet. Almost like living Easter eggs.

Lavender said...

jdoriot - cleaning cages would put anyone off! LOL No ones favorite part of the day....I had Gouldian Finches for a couple years and if Im not very careful, I will have all sorts of finches again - they are very charming little birds too!

Lavender said...

Kate - Thank you so much! I agree that these soft colour ones are very sweet, and love your Easter egg analogy!

Jack said...

Hello Lavender! I've just hopped on over from Anon's to *whistle* your chicks are gorgeous! They could (almost) put a Red Collared Lorikeet to shame! *bobbing up and down*

Lavender said...

Hi Jack! We love your site, and think you are a mighty flash character yourself!