Monday, September 10, 2012

But where will I find the time?

Common problem Im sure - for example - here is what my home office looks like on a good day...

Which as you can see, features two computers runnning different tasks.  LOL to the right of the photo is the outer shell of a bathrobe I started making for August 2011!!!  In between working a part time job for someone else, I freelance at a couple different things AND try to study 10 hours a week (in a bid to build a new home business for which I need paper credentials, as opposed to just real-world ones...or what used to pass for the real world anyway.)

Im not complaining.  Im #justsayin'

Then, I found the corpses of some of my frog friends.  I dont know why these guys died, but when I found them rotting in the empty plant pot they used to shelter in during the day, well, I just couldnt leave them there.  I scooped them out and put them in a dry place in the sun for a few weeks.  The bones are so fine!  Here they are on a bed of salt before being completely covered in salt. They have been in the salt a few weeks now, I dont know how it will affect them.  When I get around to it, we will see.

And somewhere in the last few months, some stars lined up to push me back in a direction I left behind...I dont know if I even can still make hands and neck may not allow a good end result....but you know what?  I MISS MELTING GLASS and experimenting with the chemical reactions and the whole process of creation.  So what if what I end up with is an expensive mess - life has got to have some fun, right?


I am slowly building my kit up again, and savouring the anticipation.  I will stick with the hot head for awhile, see what comes of this - if I even have any time for it - it doesnt have to be beads - it could be something else - the transformations are still taking place - not all of them ones we would wish for - all the more reason to learn to have some fun where one can?


Young Werther said...

Hi there, been tooooo long!

Great to see you getting some practice in mummifying, I'll give you a call when I'm about to croak it :)

BetteJo said...

Ah Lavender .. playing with dead frogs? Interesting! Glad you are so busy and pursuing fun along the way. Can't be bad!

Anonymous said...

O man how can you play with dead reptiles? I can't do it even with stuffed toys.